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New Tile Love Club Unboxing With Lunada Bay Glass Tile

Check out this video as Megan from Artistic Tile LLC unboxes the Tile Love Club box from Lunada Bay Glass Tile. This box features their newest collection, Flux, with gorgeous concept boards and library boards to show the different colors and finishes available! Learn more about this collection below. 


The Flux tile line is a fresh take on the craft of art glass, offering an upgrade of a fan favorite; The Old Fashioned glass collection. Flux boasts timeless shapes and modern hues. The luminous finish of these tiles offers a beautiful shine and shimmer in any light! 

It’s important to note that because Lunada Bay’s Flux tiles are hand-made, they may incorporate natural surface imperfections or air pockets that are designed to capture light and enhance the beauty of the project. You should expect that there will be variations in the color and shade of the tiles, as they’re meant to showcase natural beauty! 

The Benefits of Glass Tile 

When it comes to choosing a type of tile for your project, there are many different materials to choose from. Glass is a popular choice, as it reflects sunlight and adds a bit of brightness to any space. They also offer a sleek look that can work well with any design style, from contemporary to transitional or traditional spaces. There are many options with glass tile! 

Glass Tile Maintenance 

As with any tile, it’s important to understand proper maintenance in order to keep it looking its best for years to come! Luckily, glass tile is one of the easiest materials to maintain. Routine cleaning of your glass tile with warm water and a light-duty neutral PH glass cleaning product or non-abrasive cleaning product will keep them in great condition. Remember to never use acid, alkaline, or solvent-based cleaners on glass tile as it can damage and discolor them. 

More About Lunada Bay Tile 

Lunada Bay Tile is one of the unique tile designers and manufacturers that we’re proud to offer at Artistic Tile LLC. Their designs are inspired by the lifestyle and light of the Southern California Coast. They take a unique approach to design by blending traditional craftsmanship with modern influences in their tile collections. 

Visit Artistic Tile LLC in Nashua NH

Want to check out the new Flux collection and more Lunada Bay tiles in person? Stop by Artistic Tile LLC in Nashua, NH today to see more of our tile selection for all different styles for any home. Our showroom offers the perfect environment to let your imagination run a little wild and create the project of your dreams! Plus, our tile design and installation experts are the best in the Nashua, NH area. 


New Ceramic Tile Line From Adex; Habitat

Megan from Artistic Tile LLC shows us a new tile line from Adex, called Habitat. Check out the video above and visit our tile store in Nashua, NH, to find just the right tile for your project!


This line of ceramic tiles comes from Spain, offering six different colors with two different finishes each, matte or glossy. The unique watercolors of these tiles are absolutely gorgeous! Each one of these colors is also available in 3 different sizes; Long rectangular, modern subway, and square. 

The Benefits of Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tile is one of the most commonly used materials for any room in the home, and for good reason! Whether it be for your flooring, shower, or kitchen backsplash, ceramic tile offers a variety of benefits. Ceramic tile is one of the most durable and affordable options on the market. Ceramic is low maintenance, as it’s easy to clean and doesn’t hold onto germs. It’s also hypoallergenic, so if anyone in your home deals with allergies, this is a huge benefit. Plus, it comes in so many different shapes, sizes, and colors, so the options for design are endless!  Be mindful of Habitat because it cannot be used on the floor.

Maintaining Ceramic Tile 

Ceramic tile is a low-maintenance tile, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t need regular cleaning to keep it in beautiful condition! An all-purpose, low VOC household cleaner should do the job. A multi-purpose spray can also help to remove soap scum on shower and bathroom tiles. It’s also recommended to dust, sweep, or vacuum to remove any loose debris before cleaning with liquid products. 

More About Adex

Adex is a family-founded company that dates back to 1897 when the original artisan-tile making began in their Castellón, Spain factory. They solidified their place in the European market within the tile industry as a luxury tile maker. Eventually, the demand in North America led them to open their East Coast distribution facility in Miami, Florida, and later expanding to the west coast in Fullerton, California. Most recently, in 2017, they opened a 3rd distribution center in New Jersey. Their dedication to quality tiles and attention to detail had led them to be so successful. We’re proud to offer many Adex tiles at Artistic Tile LLC in Nashua, NH! 

Stop by Artistic Tile LLC 

Want to check out the Habitat line and other tiles from Adex? Stop by Artistic Tile LLC in Nashua, NH today! Our tile experts will be able to help you find just the right tile for your project. 

Megan Shows us New Mosaics From Artistic Tile

In this video, Megan shows us beautiful new mosaic tiles from Artistic Tile, the Sakura Collection. There are two parts to this series; Sakura and Sakura Falls. These tiles come in several different colorways, both offering a unique pattern. Keep reading below to learn more about the characteristics of each of these beautiful mosaics. 

Sakura Mosaic Stone Tile

Sakura, the stunning flower of the cherry tree, is cherished in Japan and North America. When a cherry tree is in full bloom, it is one of the most visually appealing moments of springtime. The Sakura mosaic captures this beauty, with drifting blossoms inlaid into a swirl of stone. Sakura is available in calacatta bluette, and bianco dolomit with a honed finish.

Sakura Falls Mosaic Stone Tile 

The Sakura Falls Mosaic is e a beautiful variation of the Sakura Mosaic, which omits the floral decorations. They offer a more neutral feel to match any space and really show off the swirling pattern of the mosaic. These mosaics are available in calacatta gold, calacatta  bluette, and bianco dolomit with a honed finish.

Stop by Artistic Tile

Stop by Artistic Tile in Nashua NH to learn more and see this beautiful tile mosaic! Our tile experts will help you find the perfect tile for your space, and can assist with your project from start to finish! We have a team of designers and professional installers to ensure your project goes smoothly.

Grout as a Design Element

If you’re going to be installing tiles in your space, you likely know that there are so many different tile materials, brands, designs, and patterns to choose from. However, what’s often overlooked is the effect that the grout can have on the overall feel of the tile.

In this video, Loralyn from Artistic Tile talks discusses grout as a design element and how different colors can greatly affect the entire look. Keep reading more and check out the video above to see some beautiful examples!

Using Grout to Create Contrast

Watch as Loralyn shows us some examples of the same tiles using different grouts. She shows us glass tiles, using lighter and darker color grouts, discussing the different contrasts.

One has a dark grey grout while the other is a cream color grout, creating a more dramatic contrast. In addition, you’ll see dimensional tiles that display the difference between a dramatic contrast, and no contrast.

She also shows us another blue tile with rustic edges that uses a warmer grey grout to complement the tile. Depending on your style and the look you’re trying to create in your space, there are so many different options for design when it comes to tile and grout. 

Stop by Artistic Tile 

Check out the video above, and stop by our tile store in Nashua NH to browse! Let us help you design the room of your dreams. Our team of designers and expert tile installers will bring your visions to life, and create a space you’ll love for years to come! 


Bathroom Tile Trends We’ll Be Seeing in 2021

As we close the door on 2020 and head into a new year, we can’t help but get excited about some of the interior design trends we’ll be seeing in 2021! There are some beautiful tile trends that we’re here to share. If you’re planning to renovate your bathroom in the next year, we have some gorgeous tile trends that you’ll want to consider. Although these are considered “trendy,” we’ve picked some of our favorites that also give a timeless look, and will look amazing in your bathroom for years to come. Many of these trends emphasize getting creative with patterns, colors, shapes, and configurations. Check out some of these tile trends for your bathroom below! 

Creative Patterns

We’ve seen patterned tiles becoming more and more popular over the years, and we don’t see that changing anytime soon! Using geometric patterns on the floors or walls adds an extra touch of depth and uniqueness to any space. It allows homeowners to get a little imaginative and create something that suits their style. Bold prints and intricate patterns will be a popular trend for tiles in 2021. 

All About the Neutrals

Conversely, we’re also expecting to see neutrals continue to be a popular trend, as the elements of modern design prefer muted tones. Whites, greys, creams, beige, and light neutral colors will all be popular choices for bathroom tile. These colors create a calming, relaxing ambiance in your space. 

Matte Tiles

To keep with the theme of neutral tones, matte tiles continue to gain popularity. The soft, but powerful look of matte is intriguing. Homeowners love matte tiles, as the water stains and spots don’t show on it, as they would with a glossy ceramic tile. This makes them great for bathroom floors or showers. Since sometimes matte tiles don’t reflect light, they’re best used in a space where there’s plenty of light, whether it be natural or artificial. 

Upgraded Subway Tiles

Subway tiles have been around for years, but this year they’re getting a little extra “pizazz!” Say goodbye to the boring ordinary subway tiles, and check out some of the newer trends including more colors, larger sizes, and design patterns. We’re seeing metro tiles get thicker and longer for a more drastic effect. Pairing it with a contrasting grout color can also give it just the extra pop that it needs! 

Color, Color, Color!

While neutrals will always have their place in interior design, many homeowners are starting to appreciate the beauty and uniqueness of bold tile colors! From yellows to blue, reds, and beyond, colorful tiles are certainly something to consider for your next home renovation. 

Visit Artistic Tile

These are just a few of the bathroom tile trends that we’re expecting to see in 2021! If you’re planning a renovation, come check out our selection of unique designer tiles at Artistic Tile. We can help you find just the perfect tile to suit your style, whether it be trendy or classic. Our tile showroom is located in Nashua NH.

Why Tile is a Good Choice for the Bathroom

For the average homeowner, the bathroom can prove to be particularly tricky to design. From finding fixtures to choosing a color scheme, it’s hard to know where to even start. If you’re at the point of considering flooring for the bathroom, here are a few things you need to know about why tile is a good choice.


Whether you’re choosing porcelain tiles or ceramic tiles, you can expect high durability in the bathroom. Most tiles are made out of clay and then fired at high heats to harden. This process also makes it less porous (which we will get to in a minute). The durability makes tile perfect for bathrooms, where there is generally a lot of movement and moisture. When installed correctly, the tile should last a long time in the bathroom.

Easy to clean

Tiles explicitly made for the bathroom are going to be the easiest to clean. Remember how we mentioned that firing keeps the tile less porous? Fewer pores mean a smoother surface, less staining, and easier cleaning. Due to the finish, there is also no need for harsh cleaners and chemicals.


Tiles come in virtually all colors, sizes, shapes, and finishes. This means that you don’t have to sacrifice on style in favor of a high performing durable surface in the bathroom. Plus, tiles are customizable and able to mix and match. The possibilities are virtually endless.


It’s unlikely that you would consider putting carpet in the bathroom, especially as carpet is one of the major offenders for allergies. But even wood flooring and linoleum can be traps for allergens and mold growth. In the bathroom, where conditions are particularly humid most of the time, it is crucial to prevent allergen growth. Tiles, with their smooth surface and easy-to-clean qualities, will help this.

Environmentally friendly

Porcelain and ceramic tiles used in the bathroom both come from natural clay sources that do not require intense industrial extraction. Tiles also do not result in or emit any toxic fumes or substances. And because of their durability and low maintenance, their life span more than makes up for the energy used to make them.

Stop by Artistic Tile in Nashua NH

If you’re getting ready for a bathroom redesign, stop by our tile store in Nashua NH for a wide selection of high-quality tiles and the best professional installation services around. If you have any questions about our installation process or selection of tiles, give us a call at (603) 886-1920


AKDO’s New Tile Line: Pose

AKDO’s New Tile Line: Pose

Megan shows us AKDO ‘s new tile line called “Pose.” This line includes three different mosaics, with a few different color options for each. Below is a breakdown of the different tile options and colors in the Pose line. Watch the video above to get a visual of each!

Pose Tiles: 


  • Ash gray (combed): 

Finish: textured

Material: Stone, Marble 

Dimensions: 7.87″ X 9.29″ =0.508 SQFT

  • Fino Calacatta (h)

Finish: Honed

Material: Stone, Marble 

Dimensions:7.87″ X 9.29″ =0.508 SQFT

  • Fino Thassos (combed)

Finish: textured

Material: Stone, Marble 

Dimensions:7.87″ X 9.29″ =0.508 SQFT

  • Tulip Black (combed)

Finish: textured

Material: Stone, Marble 

Dimensions:7.87″ X 9.29″ =0.508 SQFT


  • Calacatta (h)

Finish: Honed

Material: Stone, Marble 

Dimensions: 11.14″ X 12.56″ =0.972 SQFT

  • Turkish Gray 

Finish: textured

Material: Stone, Marble 

Dimensions: 11.14″ X 12.56″ =0.972 SQFT

  • Ash Gray (combed)

Finish: textured

Material: Stone, Marble 

Dimensions: 11.14″ X 12.56″ =0.925 SQFT

  • Calacatta (h)

Finish: Honed

Material: Stone, Marble 

Dimensions: 11.14″ X 12.56″ =0.925 SQFT


  • Thassos (combed)

Finish: textured

Material: Stone, Marble 

Dimensions: 11.14″ X 12.56″ =0.925 SQFT

  • Tulip black (combed)

Finish: textured

Material: Stone, Marble 

Dimensions: 11.14″ X 12.56″ =0.925 SQFT

More About AKDO

AKDO is a family business that began over 30 years ago nu Hakki Akbulak and his brother, who was living in Turkey. Hakki was an entrepreneur who saw an opportunity to bring more beautiful natural stone to America, something that Turkey was abundant in. Today, AKDO  has grown into a passionate group of employees, suppliers, dealers, consultants, and customers. AKDO offers not just beautiful stone tile, but porcelain, glass, ceramic, metal, and beyond. 

Shop AKDO’s Pose Tile Line at Artistic Tile LLC in Nashua NH

Want to check out this tile line and other beautiful tiles from AKDO? Come shop our tile showroom in Nasua NH. Our tile experts will be able to help you find just the right tile for your project. 




Terrazzo Tile Designs at Artistic Tile

History of Terrazzo Tiles

In this video, Megan from Artistic Tile LLC gives us a brief history of Terrazzo tiles. While their roots can be traced around the globe as far back as ancient Egypt, the modern terrazzo we use today was first used in Italy in the mid-sixteenth century by Venetian mosaic workers. They took all the odd-sized and chipped marble pieces and put them in a cementitious grinder. They eventually made them into beautiful tiles that they used in their own terraces. As the techniques for grinding the surface improved, they became an Italian staple for decorative and durable surfacing. They gained popularity over the years and eventually, in 1890, made their way to the United States when they were used in the Vanderbilt residence on 5th Ave in New York. 

Terrazzo Mosaics at Artistic Tile LLC 

In this video, Megan shows us some gorgeous new mosaics in stock from a few vendors at Artistic Tile LLC! There are several different patterns and designs to choose from, including AKDO ’s mosaic, which mixes natural stone with metal accents and terrazzo, Stone Mar Lilly tiles with mother of pearl accents, and more! 

How to Use Terrazzo Tiles in Your Space 

As you can see in the video, there are so many different patterns and color palettes to work with when it comes to terrazzo tiles, which can be conformed to fit nearly any style. Terrazzo tile is commonly used for flooring, as it’s a durable material that can withstand foot traffic. However, you’re certainly not limited to using it for flooring! Terrazzo is also a great addition to bathrooms for showers, countertops, and beyond. If you want to get a little creative in the kitchen, you can even use terrazzo to create a decorative backsplash.

Shop Terrazzo Tiles at Artistic Tile LLC in Nashua NH 

The opportunities for creative design with terrazzo tiles are endless. Our team at Artistic Tile can help you choose the right tile for your project and assist you from design to installation. Check out the video above and stop by our tile store in Nashua, NH, to explore our tile selection and get started!


New Product Line From Sonoma Tile

Megan from Artistic Tile, LLC shows us the new line, Mirazur, from Sonoma Tile in California, featuring all-new patterns, colors, and shapes. This collection includes 10 different colors, available in 3 shapes/sizes to bring an upscale style to any space. Keep reading to learn more about this collection of tiles!

More About the Mirazur Collection

The Mirazur Collection features a gorgeous color palette that ranges from bright to neutrals. The colors offered are below: 

  • Andalucia (matte)
  • La Blanca (crackle)
  • Ibiza (crackle)
  • Seville (crackle)
  • Marbella (crackle)
  • Delfina (crackle)
  • Bahia  (crackle)
  • Miro (metallic)
  • Urso  (crackle)
  • Zaranda  (matte)

The collection is also available in 3 different shapes/sizes: 

  • Prado (fishscale)
  • Opa (trapezoid) 
  • 2 ½ x 10 (rectangular) 

View the full collection here

Where to Install Mirazur Tiles

The Mirazur collection features a wide range of beautiful tiles that can be mixed and matched to fit nearly any style. They’re best suited for interior walls and showers. The Mirazur collection can be used to create stunning, unique backsplashes in the kitchen as well. The vibrant color palettes are sure to brighten up any space. They can also be installed for lighter-traffic residential flooring.

Caring for Your Mirazur Tiles 

To keep your Mirazur tiles looking new and beautiful for years to come, you’ll need to know how to properly care for them! For routine cleaning, a mild dishwashing soap with water or a ph neutral cleaner for tiles should work just fine. When choosing a cleaner, it’s always best to test it on a small area first to ensure it doesn’t affect the tile’s glaze. As with any tile cleaning, it’s important to avoid harsh chemicals like phosphoric acid, vinegar, lemon juice, etc.) When scrubbing, be sure to use a non-abrasive cloth or sponge to avoid scratching the tile. The grout of the tile can be cleaned with warm water and a soft-bristle cleaning brush. Tile floors should be vacuumed regularly to remove dirt and other loose particles, before the deep cleaning. In general, be sure to clean up spills or stains immediately before they dry to avoid permanent damage. Additionally, it’s recommended to reseal your tiles approximately every 6 months, based on usage, to keep them looking fresh! 




Tile Love Club Box Opening

Watch Megan from Artistic Tile, LLC open the Tile Love Club box from our vendor Lunada Bay tile, in California. She’s showing us one of their new collections, “Elements.” The new product boards feature 13 beautiful colors with a natural and clear finish for each, as well as 5 different patterns available. Check out the video above and stop by our showroom in Nashua NH to view our tile selection in person!

More About the Elements Collection

Taking inspiration from the four most powerful elements- earth air, fire, and water- Lunda Bay Tile created this collection to transform its essence into a beautiful line of handcrafted glass mosaics. While these elements may be unpredictable, your tile design doesn’t have to be! With the Elements collection, you choose the outcome. With 13 different colors and 5 versatile patterns to choose from, you can get exactly what you’re looking for with the Elements collection. The single-color glass mosaics offer endless combinations for design, ranging from classic to modern, and everything in between. Choose from beautiful Baby blue tiles, bright white, Fern Leaf, Quicksilver, Miami Sands, and beyond. It’s easy to make your design visions into a reality with these stunning mosaic tiles! 

Why Choose Glass Tile?

Glass tiles offer a stylish upgrade to any space, especially with Lunada Bay’s handcrafted mosaics. They reflect light similarly to shimmering sunlight on water. Glass also offers a sleek and modern look, suitable in nearly any space. Glass tiles are also simple to maintain and will sparkle for years to come. 

About The Manufacturer: Lunada Bay Tile 

Lunada Bay Tile is one of the designer tile manufacturers that we proudly offer at Artistic Tile LLC. Their unique tile designs are inspired by the lifestyle and light of the Southern California Coast. They blend traditional craftsmanship with modern influences in their tile collections, to create a stunning look for any design needs.

Shop Tiles at Artistic Tile LLC in Nashua NH

Want to check out the new Elements collection and more Lunada Bay tiles for yourself? Stop by Artistic Tile LLC in Nashua, NH today to browse our tile showroom and let your imagination run wild. Our designers and tile experts will help create the project of your dreams!