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Tile Store Merrimack NH 

Merrimack is a mid-sized town located in the Hillsborough County of NH, home to approximately 25,500 residents. If you’re getting started on a home improvement project or new construction in Merrimack NH that will require tile, we’re here to help! Our tile gallery, located in Nashua NH approximately 6 miles from Merrimack, offers the largest selection of unique tiles anywhere in New England. We proudly offer some of the highest quality designer brands, including Oceanside Tile, Realstone, Stone Impressions, and beyond. From glass tile to marble, ceramic, and more, our wide array of tiles are bond to match nearly any aesthetic. Whether you prefer a traditional, modern, or contemporary look, we’re here to help you find just the right tile for your project. 

Tile Installation in Merrimack NH

At Artistic Tile, we’re much more than a tile store. Our team of interior designers and tile professionals will guide you from start to finish on any tile project! Depending on where you plan to install the tile, there will be certain factors to take into consideration, such as if it’s a high traffic area, if it will be exposed to water, etc. Not only will we help you with selecting the right tile, but we can also do full installations, or simply lend you a hand in a DIY project. The options for design are endless when it comes to tile; Whether you want a simple pattern or intricate design, we can do it all! We specialize in kitchen backsplashes, flooring, baths, and showers. 

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To learn more about our services in Merrimack NH, get in contact with us today! We’re happy to work with homeowners, designers, and architects in the area. Fill out an online contact form or stop by our showroom in Nashua for inspiration. 

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