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Shop Tiles Near Acton MA

Sitting in the Middlesex County of MA, Acton is a mid-sized town, home to approximately 22,000 residents. If you’re a homeowner or interior designer in Acton MA looking for quality tiles, look no further than Artistic Tile! Our tile showroom in Nashua NH displays the largest selection of unique designer tiles anywhere in New England. From gorgeous natural stone tiles to durable porcelain and marble tiles, stunning glass tiles, and beyond, you can find tiles to suit any style! We also provide tile installation services, as we have Certified Installers on our team. We specialize in tile installation for floors, kitchen backsplashes, showers, and bathrooms. Keep reading to learn more about why Artistic Tile has become Acton residents’ go-to shop for all their tile needs! 

Tile Flooring in Acton MA 

If you’re considering tile for your new floors, ceramic and porcelain tile both make great choices. They’re versatile, durable, and are available in a wide variety of styles to match your aesthetic. We offer a large selection of popular tile brands including Otto Tile, Antiquity Tile, Sonoma Tilemakers, and many more. You can view some of our other tile manufacturers here. The great part about working with us, is that we not only provide the tiles, but we also have Interior Designers Certified Tile Installers on our team as well. We can help with everything from the design aspect to the final installation. Whether you need a full installation of just a helping hand, you can count on Artistic Tile! 

Kitchen Backsplash Installation in Acton MA 

Your kitchen backsplash is what should tie the whole room and design together! Completing it with designer tiles can bring a unique and gorgeous finishing touch to your space. It’s important to consider that the tiles may be subject to liquids from cooking and doing dishes, so choosing a material that can withstand the moisture is key. Ceramic tiles, glass, porcelain, and marble all make great choices. If you’re unsure which tiles would look best with your space, we’ll gladly help you in choosing the tile, and providing quality installation services. Learn more about our kitchen backsplash installation process here

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If you’re ready to get started on your next home improvement project and looking for tile, we’re here to help! Stop by our tile store in Nashua NH to view our selection of tiles and speak with one of our tile specialists. You can also fill out an online form or give us a call at (603) 886-1920 to have any questions answered!